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Masterpiece Paintings And Great Photos   2017.02.21

-- Make your child come to real hand painted paintings.

Children always bring us happy time and creative inspiration. Just like the famous mom - Lucie Kruta - as a professional photographer got a coincidence inspiration from her new born daughter. Her daughter in the photo looked like a girl from Eduard Manet's painting. Then we luckily see her recreated photo series of such famous masterpiece.

Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa, 1503

Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665

Henri Matisse - Face, 1951

Frantisek Kupka - The Piano Keys Lake, 1905

Henri Matisse - Woman with Amphora and Pomegranates, 1953

Alfons Mucha - Autumn, 1896

Frida Kahlo - Self Portrait, 1940

Roy Lichtenstein - The Girl in the Mirror, 1964

Rene Magritte - Man in a Bowler Hat, 1964

Pierre Soulages - Peinture 30 Avril, 1972

Vincent van Gogh - Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, 1888

Kees van Dongen - The Corn Poppy, 1919

Above photos are really amazing series, a great representation of well known paintings. But why not catch the opportunities which can make your children come to real hand painted oil canvas paintings? It is easy to get one. Just send us the photos of your children, let us do a unique commissioned oil canvas art.

Daily Oil Painting Appreciation - Gustav Klimt - Kiss   Oil, gold and silver leaf on canvas 2015.10.23


Austrian artist Gustav Klimit ( July 14, 1862 -- February 6. 1918) was famous for his painting. Klimt was one of the most influential exponents of Art Nouveau, the movement which spread throughout Europe in the late 19 the Century. The Kiss was painted by the composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf, an aspect that gives it its strikingly modern, yet evocative appearance. The Kiss is considered as the masterpiece of Klimt's " Golden Period" and most popular work.

Above picture you see is the reproduction what our skilled artist did for its lover. If you would like to get it for your home, don't hesitate to let us know.

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Portrait painting site opening 

Good news to you all! Our brother site is noline now which specializing all kinds of portrait paintings from photo. You can get your original oil art with affordable price for you beloved lover, family, friends, pet and so on. Also we can help you to make your favourite landscape, scenery, auto car, building images into oil canvas art. What you need to do is to send your images together with your other detail requirements by our online form. You will get accurate price information within 24 hours.

Stop thinking, Just do it! We'll be ready to assist you all the tim!

Thanks for your attention! Enjoy your buying!

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The style changes of oil portrait painting from photos  2013.3.11

Custom oil portrait painting from photo is one of our main service for all of our client. That is a kind of unique way to keep forever memory of classical moment in your life. Surely, the most used technique of expression is realism - to show what you like on your photo by thin oil paint. But each people differ about beauty standards, so you can easily find that our talented artists showing uniqe photo paintings with totally different technique of expression - impressionist style which use thick oil paint, visible brush strokes. We all hope our hand paintings bring you unforgettable moment whichever style is used.

Impressionisty style oil portrait painting from photo by our talented artist.

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Claude Monet's Water lilies and our reproductions 2012.03.24

Water Lilies is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840-1926). The paintings depict Monet's flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet's artistic production during the last thirty years of his life. Many of the works were painted while Monet suffered fromo cataracts.

The paintings are on display at museums all over the world. On 19 June 2007, one of Monet's water lily painting sold for £18.5 million at a Sotheby's auction iin London. On 24 June 2008 another of Monet's water lily paintings,  Le bassin aux nymphéas, sold for almost £41 million at Christie's in London, almost double the estimate of £18 to £24 million.

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 Your best handmade custom oil portraits paintings from photo!   2011.10.08

Are you still confused with unique present ideas?
Are you still looking for a sweet way to show your love to your family, chhildren, lover, friends, teachers...?
Are you still looking for a good way to show your thanks to your clients?

See, a piece of perfect portrait oil paintings from photo will satisfied all above your requests.

You can easily find pieces of portraits paintings sample photowhich we did for our clients which from different countries by our skilled and experienced artists. Whatever people portrait paintings, animal portraits, pet paintings, landscape, building paintings from photo, anything you like will be ok.

Just feel free to email us the photos which you would like topaint ogether with your size and other detail requirements. Please rememeber, any size will be ok. You will also firstly get finished portraits paintings photo before delivery.

Yes, most affordable price and perfect portrait paintings from photo. All in

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Buying cheap chinese oil painting reproductions, making your home and office decor more interesting!    2011.10.05 

Are you looking for a new way to decor your home and office? Do you boring your interiors? Oh, Don't worry, there is a better way to shining your home and office deco. As we all know, many people like art. It is a good topic and best way to hanging quality oil paintings on your wall. But the original artworks like "Starry Night" of Vincent Van Gogh, "Waterlilies" of Monet are not the masterpieces which each people can afford. So at this time, a cheap chinese oil painting reproductions will be your best choice. A beautiful oil art reproductions will be the focus in a room.

Art reproductions has lots of advantages:

1) they are all 100% handmade on canvas by skilled artists
2) they all have cheal and most affordable price
3) you can choose any style and any size you need
4) custom oil portrait or paintings from any photos which you like will be acceptable
5) You can easily find good oil painting reproductions manufacture on internet, like
6) you can choose brand new finished stock paintings which can make delivery immediately after your payment and also you can put orders which make the artists paint new one for you
7) generally, you can firstly receive finished paintings photos before delivery. If you would like to make any improve on it, you can feel free to let your supplier know, they will do such improvement till you 100% satisfied with it.

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How to buy handmade stock oil painting reproductions online?
     2011.09.18 is your right place to buy cheap hand paintings with various style.

Buying instruction:

1) Choose the paintings which you would like to buy
2) Confirm size and quantity
3) Add to shop cart
4) Do the payment via paypal and leave your address, esp your contact number. It is the important information for keeping in touch of express company while doing the delivery.
5) Confirm your order details and payment
6) Arrange delivery via express like DHL door to door service within 48 hours

See, it is easy, am i right?

So, just do it,

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Stock paintings      2011.06.23 here offer you new stock oil reproductions paintings with most affordable price. Welcome to take a visit our "stocks shopping" part. It is easy to buy it online.

1) Take a look at all stock paintings reproductions with different size. Choose whichever you like and add it to your cart.

2) Fill some simple related information, your delivery address, contact number, email, name and so on

3) You will be lead to paypal payment page. Just do the payment online. Safe and Fast.

4) Your paintings will be delivered by air express door to door service ( DHL, FedEx, TnT and so on) within 48 hours after your order and payment confirmed.

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